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  • Is Your Wetsuit...

    It's been about two weeks since the great 'wetsuit' audition of 2011. You see, I have a wetsuit that I love simply because it's mine... More

  • I'm Essentially a Hack...

    Orson Wells on Hobbies: I've tried to think of what my hobbies are and I can't name any. Not even one. Not even a half hobby... More

  • The One About Painting...

    I usually spend a lot of time looking for quotes or song lyrics that fit something I’m about to write.... More

  • To Err Is Human…

    I used to write a lot about forgiveness. I think I wrote about it because I kept having arguments with friends about what it means to forgive... More

Laughter is the Language of the Soul...Pablo Neruda

Wetsuit and Other Essays: The Launch!

And now…for the cover:

I can not thank Pamela Sinclair of ItGirlDesigns enough for her amazing ability to take a few sentences and turn them into a work of art. She was so wonderful to work with that I have started to believe it was simply destiny stepping in to help me find her. I went through a tremendous amount of RFPs and on the very last day, when I had decided that there would be no book because I couldn’t find an artist who could understood what I was trying to accomplish, along came Pamela. Destiny. Whatever the reason, I love this woman’s work so please, go check her out!

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What We’re Cooking Sundays…The Women’s History Month Edition

Plus a little Bundt to get the good times a’rollin.

Yes, tonight was supposed to be the night of grilled tilapia and risotto but A talked me into burgers for lunch. Ok, I actually asked if she wanted burgers and she did. So there wasn’t much talking, just a lot of nodding in agreement.

She spent the weekend at her old campus for their annual “State Patty’s Day” drinkapalooza. I spent mine at home in bed with the flu, except for the five hours I spent traveling to and from Brooklyn yesterday. The call to find Catbird NYC and pick up my new rings was unbelievable. I love a boro that warns you that you’d better believe the hype about it. Word.

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The Price of Ignoring the World…

The longest week, almost ever, is over.

It was a great week, just long, culminating in an 18 hour work day filled with events, meeting, amazing programs and dinner. First world problem, right? Having a great day at work, surrounded by people you love and respect.

The whole world isn’t made up of people who care about the needs of others. That was one of the first sad truths I learned as a kid. It’s made up of wonderful people, but interspersed with all of that wonderful are people who are filled with hate – filled with fear. Their entire lives are made up of moments when they could easily do the right thing, but choose to do the most horrific, most life-altering things. They are filled with opportunities to be a good citizen, a father, mother, friend, and neighbor. Instead, they commit violence against anyone who is different – anyone not willing to hide who they are – anyone unafraid to be in a minority.

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