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  • Is Your Wetsuit...

    It's been about two weeks since the great 'wetsuit' audition of 2011. You see, I have a wetsuit that I love simply because it's mine... More

  • I'm Essentially a Hack...

    Orson Wells on Hobbies: I've tried to think of what my hobbies are and I can't name any. Not even one. Not even a half hobby... More

  • The One About Painting...

    I usually spend a lot of time looking for quotes or song lyrics that fit something I’m about to write.... More

  • To Err Is Human…

    I used to write a lot about forgiveness. I think I wrote about it because I kept having arguments with friends about what it means to forgive... More

Laughter is the Language of the Soul...Pablo Neruda

Wetsuit and Other Essays: The Launch!

And now…for the cover:

I can not thank Pamela Sinclair of ItGirlDesigns enough for her amazing ability to take a few sentences and turn them into a work of art. She was so wonderful to work with that I have started to believe it was simply destiny stepping in to help me find her. I went through a tremendous amount of RFPs and on the very last day, when I had decided that there would be no book because I couldn’t find an artist who could understood what I was trying to accomplish, along came Pamela. Destiny. Whatever the reason, I love this woman’s work so please, go check her out!

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Ruined Than Changed…#Sunday Quotes

Sunday afternoons in Yonkers used to be ‘What We’re Cooking Sundays’ but the girl-child is gone away for her summer job in the woods. She was home for a few hours on Friday night to wash her laundry, flush some toilets (her camp is in the woods and those woods do not come with built in plumbing) and to watch ‘Orange is the New Black’ with the three girls who came home with her for the night.

With A, her three friends, me, Britney the Wonder Cat and Chloe the Super Bunny, there were seven women in the house at once. I’d say it was too loud, or too many people or too something, but the truth is that I love it. When I was a kid, the last thing on my mind was having children. I thought I’d be a spy, traveling all over the world doing good – I thought all spies were good – it was the 80s, what did I know. I thought I’d live in Australia and raise koalas. Then I imagined I’d move to Japan and be a sushi chef. Once, I thought I’d build beautiful places like the Taj Majal or fight fires like Smokey the Bear. I am nothing if not a product of being born in 1972.

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Showing Up is Not All of Life…HRC #BookReview

If you’re a lover of books, and burdened with the ability to read way too fast, what do you bring on a 17 hour flight from New York City to Ethiopia?

If you’re a political junkie and lover of all things electorate, you pack “HRC” by Jonathan Allen, which documents the time between Hillary’s defeat during the 2008 Democratic primary and selection, and ultimately her political rebirth as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

I remember reading “Game Change” a couple of years ago and thinking that to have been on the very inside of either the Obama or Clinton campaign would have been both inspirational and disheartening. In order to achieve as much as Hillary Clinton has, it must have been heart-breaking for her to lose in the primary to a young unknown senator from Illinois.

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