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What We’re Cooking Sundays…The Women’s History Month Edition

Plus a little Bundt to get the good times a’rollin.

Yes, tonight was supposed to be the night of grilled tilapia and risotto but A talked me into burgers for lunch. Ok, I actually asked if she wanted burgers and she did. So there wasn’t much talking, just a lot of nodding in agreement.

She spent the weekend at her old campus for their annual “State Patty’s Day” drinkapalooza. I spent mine at home in bed with the flu, except for the five hours I spent traveling to and from Brooklyn yesterday. The call to find Catbird NYC and pick up my new rings was unbelievable. I love a boro that warns you that you’d better believe the hype about it. Word.

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The Price of Ignoring the World…

The longest week, almost ever, is over.

It was a great week, just long, culminating in an 18 hour work day filled with events, meeting, amazing programs and dinner. First world problem, right? Having a great day at work, surrounded by people you love and respect.

The whole world isn’t made up of people who care about the needs of others. That was one of the first sad truths I learned as a kid. It’s made up of wonderful people, but interspersed with all of that wonderful are people who are filled with hate – filled with fear. Their entire lives are made up of moments when they could easily do the right thing, but choose to do the most horrific, most life-altering things. They are filled with opportunities to be a good citizen, a father, mother, friend, and neighbor. Instead, they commit violence against anyone who is different – anyone not willing to hide who they are – anyone unafraid to be in a minority.

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What We’re Cooking Sundays…The Monday Edition

There’s something to be said for procrastination and all of its glory.

Our Sunday was postponed (not the actual date, I don’t have that much power), but the cooking part because I was:

  1. Tired from shoveling snow for two days straight
  2. Pooped from starting a bathroom redecoration that requires me to get down like Michelangelo
  3. Too lazy to move from the couch
  4. All of the above

Yep, it was all of the above.

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What We’re Cooking Sundays…Give Me Cookies, or Give Me Death

Okay, not death. It’s just that we really, really love cookies.

And I’ve found the perfect way for A not to eat all of the Oreos when I buy them: I don’t buy them anymore.

Yes, I’ve had to put the Oreo shopping on lock-down but our cookie cravings haven’t changed, we’re just testing out new recipes so we can have the perfect cookies all summer long. Yes, we eat cookies in the summer. And the fall, winter and spring. We just perfect them in the winter.

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Gen. Colin L. Powell on Leadership…

I haven’t dedicated a lot of space on this blog to video, even though I keep threatening to begin making my own and document the entire “What We’re Cooking Sundays” extravaganza that is, well, each Sunday.

I also haven’t spent a lot of time writing about work in this space. I’ve never tried to separate my blog from my life because they are one in the same. All of my friends know that I work for one of the best organizations, ever and consult for one of the other best. And yet I rarely write about it. I often wonder if I should change that and I think that today’s video share is a step in the right direction.

The work of the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership at the City College of New York is transformative. Period.

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If I Could, Baby I’d Give You My World…

But in the words of the immortal Stevie and Lindsey, how can I when you won’t take it from me?

This isn’t a post about love. And it can’t be a “What We’re Cooking Sundays” because A and I decided that we aren’t cooking today in honor of the fact that the Saints and the Chargers did not have a Super Bowl trip year. And also because we’re drowning in pizza. We’ll resume next Sunday with a roasted vegetable dish you’re going to want to slap your mothers to try out.

Don’t slap your mothers.

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Wouldn’t Know What a Tree Was…

And here, on the first day of February, I am quoting “Girls” and my life feels less something or other, I just don’t know what.

What would you do if the person you love most died? That was the question. How do we deal with death?

I read last night that when a woman becomes a mother, especially to a daughter, she starts to spend every day thinking about her own mortality even if she doesn’t realize it.

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What We’re Cooking Sundays…Who You Calling Eggplant?

We’re back. It’s the last weekend in January and we’re seriously wondering what made this month zoom by like it was running from the law. Not that we’re judging if it is running, we’re just kinda saying it’s interesting ’tis all.

A starts school tomorrow. Winter semester, junior year. This whole ‘watching your kid grow up thing’ is pretty amazing. It feels like it was just 21 years ago that she was sleeping through the night for the first time. Now she’s almost always sleeping through the day. I kid. I kid.

We debated what to cook this week and I can’t really be sure how we came up with eggplant parmigiano, but that’s what happened in our kitchen tonight. And it was easy. And it was delicious. And there are leftovers if you are interested and live, like next door.

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What We’re Cooking Sundays…When Spaghetti Squash Came to Town

It’s Sunday! Our new favorite day of the week. Why do we love it so much? That’s easy! We love “What We’re Cooking Sundays” because it gives us a chance to mix and match all kinds of food items to see what happens. So far it’s been pretty tasty.

One of the reasons A and I have been cooking so much is because we’re resetting our eating habits. I got used to coming home, cooking something (maybe) and eating in front of the TV while I caught up on whatever work stuff was not done during the 8am – 7pm rush. She got used to eating out all the time because that’s what you do in college. I think.

So you can guess how excited we were to create a reason to actually cook – um, besides our health, of course.

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What We’re Cooking Sundays…The One About the Incredible, Edible Poached Egg


You’re about to enter a poached egg zone. Otherwise known as my apartment.

I’ve been out all day, getting random things for the week. A new makeup bag, candles, a luggage tag for my Nashville trip next weekend. You know, important things.

I texted A to see if she was still in the mood for our original dinner plans, which included grating four giant zucchinis, but she’s out wandering around the Upper West Side so that means I am on my own. I wasn’t going to cook anything because I thought I didn’t have any food in the house, besides those giant zucchinis, but I was wrong.

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