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I first wrote my ‘about page’ three years ago. Back then I was in love. Oh, how I was in love. It was the kind of love that made me forget that I was a lot of other things, too. Like a fundraiser with a fantastic job at the Colin Powell School at the City College of New York. Or that I own my own nonprofit consulting business. Or that I love to travel, have way too much energy for just one person and have the best daughter/best friend anyone could ask for, ever.  I’d even forgotten why I started writing in the first place. Or that I was inspired to launch Trois Coccinelles Publishing so that every writer who wants the chance to have someone say ‘this is possible if you really want it bad’ would have a place to rest their draft pages.

Three years is a long time to focus on one thing. I’m older now, slightly more wise and just learning that I’ve never taken the time to develop a hobby. So this space has to change and I am hoping that anyone who stops by will come with me as I set out to not only find a hobby, but to find out about all of the things I haven’t experienced yet but want to. Some of those things are probably dangerous. Maybe we should do those first.

Bubbles. Deux. The new home to the 40+ Year Old’s Guide to Everything. (Or, how I’ll find a hobby if it kills me)

Bubbles. Deux. is published by Trois Coccinelles Publishing
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