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Dee Dee Mozeleski Hearts Alice Hoffman

Putting a Little Birthday Magic into Your Life…Alice Hoffman

First, a big happy birthday to Alice Hoffman. Ms. Hoffman doesn’t know this (yet), but she helped me through two very difficult times, both having to do with divorce and starting over. I am forever grateful to have found her books right when I needed them. I wonder if that’s the sign of a great author: Giving you what you need through words, all without truly realizing the impact they might have on so many.

For those of you who read my blogs over the years, you may remember my “Practical Magic” series on our old site. I loved writing that and always wanted to find a way to repurpose the posts to have them be timely. For new readers, the short story is that I was in the middle of the longest breakup, ever, and one night, like magic, I found Practical Magic on TV and remembered that the thing that I’m always trying to explain is that far too often, we build a perfect person in order to never find them.

Isn’t that the worst part of love? Not wanting to get hurt again, or not believing you deserve more than you’ve gotten and letting doubt become the reason you can’t fall again.

I had forgotten about that. Then I remembered it again. And I owed it to Alice Hoffman’s words.

That night, just about 3 years ago, I set out to find a way to rebuild the magic I knew was inside of me and all of the women I know. I wrote for the women who had been divorced (sometimes, more than once, like me) and for the women who worked multiple jobs and never got to see their kids and for the women who couldn’t make relationships with their own mothers work and, ultimately, for the women who deserved so much more than life gave them.

That wasn’t the first time Alice Hoffman made me think. In 1998, I was just divorced from A’s dad and trying to think of what to do next. A came to me and said we had to watch Practical Magic on our clunky old VCR. I told her that was a good idea, but that we also had to read the book. We spent a cold weekend in our New York apartment, just the two of us, one eight, one twenty-eight, with a cat, bowls of popcorn and lots of hot chocolate, and we talked about what it feels like to have dreams. She and I are older, a little wiser, and still looking for ways, each day, to find a bit of magic.

If I were to sit down and really think about ways in which words have changed my life, I would list Ms. Hoffman’s work in the top five. When I wrote Wetsuit, I knew that I would have a way to take my original “Magic” posts and turn them into something new for new people to see how one person’s words can change another’s life.

Thank you, Ms. Hoffman, if you happen to wander by a house in New York this morning and smell an ocean-scented candle and the soft strain of Q1043.FM playing some Stevie Nicks, that will be me, a loyal fan who has now read all of your work, except for the Dovekeeprs, which is in my purse right now.

I hope this is truly a magical birthday for you. You’ve changed so many through your words and while we should be sending gifts your way, I want to thank you for sharing your gift with us.

And, thank you, to Heidi Garrett, for letting me join in today. What a fantastic idea, what a great way to celebrate and what a great new blog I have found in yours!

Alice Hoffman's Birthday Blog Hop
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Heidi Garrett

Dee Dee, I loved reading about the Practical Magic weekend you shared with you daughter. It is amazing how a great writer like Alice Hoffman can give us so much. So much that during some of the most difficult times in our lives, they’re the light. You’ve pointed out one of the things that I cherish about Hoffman’s novels, how they navigate the trials of daily life with such magic, hope, and inspiration. And how they evoke the magic of being female that we can access:)

I can’t believe you’ve read all her books except The Dovekeepers!!!!! That is my goal, to read them all, and this hop has only increased my commitment.

How wonderful that Alice Hoffman has inspired your writing (she’s probably inspired me in ways I don’t even realize!). I remember when you first signed up for the hop and I visited your website. I came across this post: and just loved it. Now, that I read again this morning, I think yes, there is that magic:)

Thank you for being part of the hop, it is turning into an amazing experience! Heidi

Noree Cosper

Dee Dee, that is a really wonderful post. I also loved how Practical Magic got you through rough tines in your life. Alice Hoffman is really an inspirational figure.

Maria Teresa Barreto

Know that, even though I am sitting in my room somewhere in Portugal at 3 AM, I am mentally hugging you right now. That was such a beautiful and inspiring post. I do believe I will be diving into your blog very soon. I absolutely adore the way you write… while reading, it feels like you are talking
to me, standing right next to me, even though I don’t know what your voice sounds like. Will be visiting! And hey, all the books besides “The Dovekeepers”? Wow. Must have been quite a journey, huh? :)

Jessica Fortunato

This made me tear up. It’s amazing how words can effect us so greatly when put in the precise order. I think I definitely need to watch and reread Practical Magic very soon. Maybe it will help me more than I realize


Just hopping round on the blog hop and I have to say your post has been the most touching. It is sometimes uncanny how you can come across just the right book for the right time in your life and it changes you. I’ve not read Practical Magic yet as I have just stumbled across Alice Hoffman books and started with The Dovekeepers, it is a story I feel will stay in the mind years after having read it, I hope you enjoy it also.

Cheryl Thompson

Dee Dee–I so much want to be in your New York apartment with the scent of ocean candles and the sound of soft music as we discuss dreams, magic, and Alice Hoffman. I love your beautiful words about my favorite author, and I love your blog!

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