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What We’re Cooking Sundays….Never Enough Ricotta

A and I love cheese. We love all kinds of cheese. Stinky cheese. Hard cheese. Soft cheese. Blue, white and yellow cheese. If it is called cheese, we’ll probably eat it and ask for more.

So it’s no surprise that we love ricotta cheese. You can, quite literally, make anything with it. Yes, we know it’s for things like lasagna, but I also like to add it to pancakes and waffles and cookies. Delicious. Yum. Delicious.

Last night we were home, waiting on the next polar vortex, and we decided to make cookies with the left-over ricotta and sweet potato that we had from our morning waffle extravaganza.

I wasn’t really sure how much flour to use so I went to the trust Google to find the perfect ricotta cookie recipe. We made a small batch of them and at almost all of them. I’m pretty sure they are healthy because they have sweet potato in them. That’s healthy. La la la la la. I can’t hear you. Our only change was the add 1/2 cup sweet potato to an already stellar recipe.

Today, with a little more knowledge of how much ricotta we needed, we braved the new world outside and went to the grocery store to get more sugar, eggs and ricotta for a fresh batch.  I also had a craving for butterscotch to make up for the butterscotch cake I was going to make – until A vetoed it until another weekend. We added about a 1/2 cup of Nestle Butterscotch chips and I’m in delicious Heaven right now.

Ricotta Cookies by D Mozeleski (Jan 2014)
Ricotta Cookies by D Mozeleski (Jan 2014)
Ricotta Cookies by D Mozeleski (Jan 2014)

What are we learning with all of our kitchen forays? We’re learning that A loves to make our food plan lists. She writes them down in her phone, goes over the lists a few times, and then tells me what we need. I do the basic prep work, the major part of the cooking and the storing in the fridge. She cleans and takes the pictures for “What We’re Cooking Sundays” so all in all, we’re a great team. Oh, and this Vietnamese cinnamon that we found at Sur la Table is the best purchase we’ve made all year. Okay, well, maybe not THE best, but it’s up there. This is some delicious, potent stuff and you only need a little, but hot damn. It is good.

Ricotta Cookies by D Mozeleski (Jan 2014)

The best part of our cookies, besides eating them, are that they are super easy to make, taste like a cross between a sugar cookie and all kinds of deliciousness and are the consistency of a chewy brownie cookie thing. We don’t know how else to say it but if you love a light cookie with just a hint of brownie chewy goodness, these babies are the way to go. Next time, we’ll swap in a little almond paste and grated lemon rind and call it a day.

Ricotta Cookies by D Mozeleski (Jan 2014)

We want to get Britney the Wonder Cat in on the action, but she doesn’t seem like she has any interest in cooking. Just eating. And yes, that is a hint of champagne you see in the background. It was for picture atmosphere. Yep.

Some people have asked what it’s like to have A back home for her last year of college. In a word, it’s perfection.

We’ve had just enough time apart to find out who we are and what we like and we’re back at a time when it’s just great to brave this deep winter freeze together. Being together with this 21 year old adult is a lot of awesome. She’ll want to move again after she finishes school, which will be the right thing to do. For now, I’m just happy this is where she likes to be.

We tried to work out the caloric count on these cookies but it was easier to tell you the prep time was about 10 minutes, not including picture taking or champagne drinking. The cookies were done in about 12 minutes last night, but I think adding those butterscotch drops added about a minute to tonight’s cooking time. Oh, and please, let the cookies cool a bit before you try to take a bit out of one. Trust me. They are hot.

That’s our short what we’re cooking for this week. What are you cooking?


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