Wetsuit and Other Essays: The Launch!

Original Design, 2013 by Pamela Sinclair or ItGirlDesigns

And now…for the cover:

I can not thank Pamela Sinclair of ItGirlDesigns enough for her amazing ability to take a few sentences and turn them into a work of art. She was so wonderful to work with that I have started to believe it was simply destiny stepping in to help me find her. I went through a tremendous amount of RFPs and on the very last day, when I had decided that there would be no book because I couldn’t find an artist who could understood what I was trying to accomplish, along came Pamela. Destiny. Whatever the reason, I love this woman’s work so please, go check her out!

Original Design,  2013 by Pamela Sinclair or ItGirlDesigns
Original Design, 2013 by Pamela Sinclair of ItGirlDesigns

The official release is this Thursday, but so many of you have helped me over the years in so many ways so I am sending my ‘first readers’ a link to get the book a day early. Then you can snuggle up with it on Thursday night with a bottle of vino and a hunk of cheese. Or any other kind of hunk. You get to choose.

Love you all.

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    • Thank you! And I totally give all the credit to Pamela for letting me ramble :)

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