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It’s 3 a.m. I Must Be Hungry

I tried to write this on Wednesday night. You know, live blogging and all that. I didn’t get to send it because right when I hit ‘post’ my Internet crashed and down went the story, never to be heard from again. I wrote about the Louvre and meeting my new friend for a drink.

I wrote about walking to the Marais area of Paris, which is where many of the Jewish and Gay families live.  Do you capitalize the word ‘gay’? I don’t know but I like the look of it.

We drank for a couple of hours and talked about travel and wanderlust and families. By the time we realized it was time for food, it was after midnight. Unlike NYC, Paris doesn’t always stay open for random food attacks. When that happens you have two choices: home cooking or, as I experienced last night, making do with a two-liter of Coke Light from a gas station.

When in doubt go with the home cooking.

And here is where I extoll the virtues of Paris, yet again. Instead of starving, new and old friends came together and found out that a can of tuna, homemade pasta sauce and fresh vegetables makes a most fantastic meal.  Since my first trip here three years ago, I have been invited into the homes of strangers, yet they aren’t strangers, they’ve become friends and I think that they are what makes me love this place so much.

As a little girl, I was always the “new kid” in schools so I had to learn to adapt.  I found that it was always easiest to adapt when I was just being myself. As an adult, that belief still gets me through most, if not all, of the things life sends my way each day.

When traveling, do you find that you stay to your usual routine or do you step out of your comfort zone and say ‘oui’ to new things?

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