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The Louvre: A Live Blogging Event

Day two of the ‘Bubbles takes Paris’ tour continues.  Or, as it is known by those in the know…The ‘Paris has taken Bubbles’ tour.  Day one was spent sleeping the daylight away, so I will write about my night later.

Right now I am at the Louvre, one of my favorite places in the the world. It won’t matter how many times I come here, I will always find something new to see.

Before I bought my ticket, a sweet woman asked me to take a picture of her in that classic “I am taller than the pyramid” pose. Six shots later and we had a winner.

The Louvre closes at 9:45 tonight so I have just over three hours to find new loves. Every time I come here I search for Cupid and then The Lovers. It seems like I am always on the hunt for new examples of love. Thankfully, they are everywhere in this beautiful city.

I will find something special for all of my friends. Something I think they would enjoy, some new art to embrace. So many of them don’t realize I wouldn’t be here without them. So I don’t tell them, but I take them with me on my travels that way I never feel alone.

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