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Paris in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

I just popped a bottle of Schlumberger Gold because I feel like many of my days this year will need to be filled with bubbles and a hint of nectarine.

And I’ve packed for Paris because I leave in hours, not days.

Okay, there’s more, but it all seems to surreal now. For two decades I said, to anyone who would listen, that I wanted to visit Paris. The more I traveled to other places, the more I wanted to see this city that seemed to be the one place that I couldn’t get to for some reason.

Three years ago I traveled to Paris without a plan. If I had thought about a plan, I wouldn’t have gone. I would have told myself I was insane. I didn’t speak French, I didn’t know anyone and I had never been to a foreign country without my employer being a buffer and helping me set an itinerary.

What happened was magic. I fell in love. I fell in love with a city and her people. But mostly, I fell in love with myself.

I had missed ‘The One’ so much on that trip and like a child, I had hoped that maybe, just for a few hours, I would have seen him. That wasn’t meant to be our story. Not then.

Tonight, on the eve of my third trip to Paris, I am amazed at who I am today versus who I was on that first trip. Paris still awes me. I don’t know how people there go to work with so much history and so much passion in the air. But maybe that isn’t mine to know. Maybe, for a girl from San Diego who had a dream of one day living in New York, then dared to dream just a little bit bigger, maybe Paris is just what I imagine she is: A home for those who, before finding her, wandered.

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Have a wonderful time! Although I believe that goes without saying really :)


Paris is holding it’s breath until you get there. Have a great time Ms. Mangosteen!

Love and Lunchmeat

There is nothing better than a vacation. Have a great trip Dee!


You are doing an incredible job buddy. Regards from Hotel Charles de Gaulle. Keep together with the great do the job.

Katje van Loon

Well, you’ve certainly intensified my desire to visit Paris. What a beautiful post!

I hope you have a lovely time, and I can’t wait to read the rest of your posts about it. :)

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