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The Night New York Gave Me a Rainbow…

Last Tuesday I had a chance to attend a writing event with one of my favorite authors, Susan Shapiro. For those of you who haven’t heard me go on and on about her book ‘The Five Men Who Broke My Heart” – Susan Shapiro wrote the book I’ve wanted to write. She found humor where most people find tears and she found a way to talk about love that makes you realize that the choices you’ve made are just that – choices made. They aren’t necessarily going to be a pathway to the future – but it doesn’t mean they were mistakes.

The men you’ve loved (or women, for sure) were a part of your life for a reason.

On the drive back from the event at the NYU Bookstore (which used to be something else, before it was something else but now that whole Village experience is all tied up in nonsense names like Noho. All of New York City is Noho if it’s above Houston. Pronounced How-ston for some odd reason) I happened to look up and saw a rainbow. Now, I do know that rainbows don’t usually happen at night – or can’t, I’m not sure which – but there it was. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from – only that it was a beautiful arch of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Good old Roy. G. Biv.

And the rainbow made me happy. Rainbows always make me happy. I’m a sucker for happy.

When I was a little girl, my mom would let me go on and on about finding the end of the rainbow. I remember being so sad when I realized that rainbows don’t end – they curve into the earth – so there’s no ‘place’ that has the start of the rainbow and no other place that has the end.  Now that I’m an adult and have spent a few years in various science classes, I can explain how light refracts and how water in the air creates and how our eyes view – all the stuff you need to understand in order to know what a rainbow is and isn’t – but rainbows still make me smile. New York has given me a lot of rainbows. Great friends, a terrific career, opportunities found and lost and found again – it’s given me a home and helped me raise a child and for all that it is – both good and bad – New York has been my end of the rainbow and my beginning.

How can something be both? I wonder about that, too. But it’s like this love stuff I always write about – something can be everything and nothing.  The trick is to figure out when you’re getting enough or too little. When was the last time you really looked at a rainbow – counted the colors (always the same) wondered where it came from and how many others could see it?

I really should write an advice column or something.

In other news – I’m home sick today. I have a fever of over 101 degrees and I’m exhausted. I’ve had homemade soup made for me and now Britney (who did not make the soup) is relaxing on the couch while I write. All in all a very good, if germ filled night.

Wait! The writing seminar – what did I learn? I learned that you have to be ‘out’ there – you have to be writing a variety of things for a variety of places and you have to commit. Commit. Commit. In the new year I’ve got a number of writing projects lined up, including working with a magazine in Paris – because that’s the dream, you know. To one day be able to split my time between New York and Paris and to write about it.

So I’m working to commit. You’d think that a chick who has been married twice would have a real understanding of the word. Or not.

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I like that you’re out on the field, playing the game, but I have an issue with your last paragraph. Why is commitment your issue? It’s like taking on someone’s else problem.


Hmm. I would consider a re-write on that. I have gone all in with relationships – and for that have gotten what people wanted to give, never what they promised – just something close to it.

What’s next?

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