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I Am The Greatest…

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The year was 1964 and Mohammed Ali was preparing to fight Sonny Liston, the then World Heavy Weight Champion.

Mohammed, then known as Cassius Clay, was a 22year old trash talking boxer with an impressive pair of hands. Liston was a 32 year old Champion – did Ali/Clay stand a chance?

The answer, obviously, was yes. Ali outfought Liston that night – avoiding most of his hits and being the all-around better fighter. Liston, in a 7th round decision, complained of a shoulder injury, giving Ali his win by technical knock-out. This put Ali in a league of his own. He was the youngest fighter to ever beat a reigning champion.

A mere four year after his Olympics Gold Medal win – Mohammed Ali proved to be the greatest, if not of all time (because he was young and there were plenty more years ahead of him) then definitely of that time.

Why am I writing about Muhammad Ali tonight? What? You don’t believe I’m a boxing fan?  I am. In fact, I spent years going to Golden Gloves matches and hosting fight night parties when I was married. Then I gave up boxing for Lent one year and that was the end of that.


That’s something I rarely write about. I write about love. I write about honesty.  I write about society. Confidence rarely makes it into my posts in a way that is obvious, but it’s always something I am thinking of – right outside of eyesight of the reader. Sometimes, it’s even outside of my own eyesight.

I spent my morning with E the wonder therapist. I love her because she lets me ramble and in my ramble there is truth. And in that truth there is already an idea of what to do about so many things even when I refuse to do them for one reason or another.


The truth is that I’m happier than I have been in years. I come home and this place, my home, embraces me every night. My daughter, the awesome A, is amazing – she’s smart and caring and loves life in a way I couldn’t at 19 *almost 20, damn* and I am in love with the things that have come my way over the past few months. My career – my health (even with an ulcer and torn rotator cuff) and it feels like I’m finally an adult and know what I want to do for the next part of my life.

Fight Ready.

In some ways I know the next year is going to be challenging, but I want to hold myself accountable to the challenge – that’s why I put words down here. It’s like being a student of life and the classroom is made up of words and actions. And we’re all here together, to learn and to listen and to think – I. Am. The. Greatest. And so are you.  And, if we’re not – we will be.



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You are one of the greatest in my book.
Another great read.


Thank you – now I am blushing. I was blushing last night, too, but thought it was the wine. ;0

xo xo xo


I checked and it was the wine.
I hope there are no after affect from the wine this morning.


Not at all, in fact, I feel pretty good. Do you think I should wine more often?


Let me get back to you on that.
While I do think you are pretty level-headed and do know your limits I should check with “B”, the wonder cat, to see how you conducted yourself.
But if there was nothing beyond a little dancing on the table and singing/shouting “I Am Woman” or “I Will Survive” don’t forget to have a sip for me once in awhile.


Britney has been known to get down with the water and wet food so I hope she doesn’t forget that when she’s outing me. :)


I miss when boxing was such a big draw. It’s become a shadow of it’s former self I too used to be a HUGE fan. One too many questionable outcomes obviously based on promoters influence over the actual skill in the ring totally turned me off.
That Ali/Liston fight was the beginning of the end for Liston who swore up and down he threw that fight for cash and it’s sad to know his life turned into a downward spiral of drug addiction and eventual death. Ali’s legend grew and I was never honestly a fan. I believe in confidence but some of the things he the ugly things he said about Joe Frazier never set well with me. If you have the skill none of those kind of antics seem necessary to me. The number of professional athletes who over the years seemed to think Ali type antics were as much a part of professional success as actual skill and hard work makes a mockery of others who have all the skill in the world but don’t put on “the show” around it. Michale Jordan never needed to do that.

Slight Sorry lol I guess what I’m saying is substance over style..the other way around never struck me as genuine. That’s just me though :-)


I always thought Ali was a big-mouth – in fact, I was never a fan until I got older and could ignore what I didn’t like and focus on the skill. Maybe Liston threw the fight, maybe he didn’t – only Liston and his handlers will ever know, but Ali went on to have more great battles (Foreman, anyone) where he just killed it.

I also remember loving Mike Tyson – then not – then learning to just accept that he’s flawed. The thing I love about boxing is that it’s a sport where you must be an athlete to do well. You have to put everything into it (or should).


This brings back so many good memories, great share. These truely were the glory days (and the 90s too I would say). What happened to all the chatacters in boxing?!

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