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The Science Of “You’re Alright”…

I’m not the world’s best swimmer. There, I said it.

I have now done two triathlon events and each time I just needed to get through the swim. I don’ think that will cut it at this week’s Pocono’s Ironman Event.  Yeah, I don’t think it will cut it at all.

I have to count strokes. And I have to remember to breathe. And I have to remind myself to keep my heart rate down and even with all of that, I still intend to get out there this Sunday and compete. And not die trying.

A few of my friends suggested I try a little bit of hypnosis to get me to learn to relax even more during the swim. They are so very smart.

So I downloaded a series on visualization and have been listening to it all week before I fall asleep. Now I have started to incorporate a quick listen-to during the work day.

My co-worker said she thought God was talking. Or a really great parent. You see, the science of telling someone they are okay is exactly what good parents do, right?

I tell the lovely ‘A’ all the time that she is awesome. She is the greatest. Just like Muhammad Ali, but without the boxing gloves.

This series of affirmations coming out of my computer speakers has been telling me I am amazing. I can do this. I can beat my own fears. It’s one thing to have ‘heart’ during a race and another to have skill. But if your mind tells you that you can not finish, then you won’t unless you fight against that negative spin on your chances.

A few weeks ago I was in the middle of the swim portion of a race and my mind said: Seriously, what are you doing?

My body kept going until I could hear my mind getting annoyed with me. And then it caught up with the fact that we weren’t planning to stop.

You’re. Alright.

What a powerful statement. And it’s one that will not always comes from the people around you, even if it should. But, it must always be a statement you’re able to tell yourself. You’ve got to remember to say it even when you aren’t so sure it’s true. You’re alright. You can do this. You are powerful.

I think that most people forget to love themselves and it’s the one thing that, when done right, can truly change your outlook on life.

So on Sunday at 7:02 AM, I will walk out into a body of water and tell myself that it is okay, because it is. Why? Because this isn’t about competing against anyone but myself.

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Smarty the 2nd

I missed the “science” in this piece. I think I’d just keep repeating Dorrie’s immortal sing-songy words, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.”


LOL…that’s because I don’t know nothing about birthing no sciene. Oh, wrong movie juxtaposition. :)

I loved Finding Nemo. And Dorrie was the smartest of the bunch even though she couldn’t remember anything for too long.

Chris p

A goofy grin and a “Hell yeah this is gonna be fun” works too right ?? 😀

You’re not on any’re doing it for yourself you know ?? Slow your pace think of something that makes you smile and relax and continue on.

I break through a wall with stupidity and gain my second wind in all things that way..maybe you noticed ?? 😀

It’s not as tough as catching crabs in Alaska…that can be taken in more than one apologies :-/


I do have a goofy grin on right about now. :)

My only deadline is the 8.5 hours timeline that Ironman imposes, lol. Catching crabs in Alaska. I don’t want to know.


Lol, Alaskan crabs are bigger…aren’t they?

Remembering you’re competing with yourself has to be the best part…cause, hey, you already know your opponent inside and out!

Yes bubbles, you’re A-OK in my book!


I hear they ARE bigger! And I hear you have multiple blog personalities. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :)

“We” went, we saw, we tried to conquer. We will be back.

Temper Tantrum

Hey. I can’t believe how perfect this post is for me right now. I’m trying to clean up my house. It’s daunting, to say the least. I make Kidfos look like Mary Poppins, if you get my drift. And no, not just cos he likes to wear silly, high-necked dresses.

I am going to try to find the visualization series you are talking about. Normally, I just listen to really loud music. It helps me push through. But a night-time listen about how I’m OK (see Smarty, I’m teachable) might be a good idea for me.

I, too, think you’re awesome for doing things that push your limits. I tend to shy away from the unknown. Good luck on Saturday!

P.S. “I’m not that strong of a swimmer.”


Oh! I had good timing with this post. How went the housecleaning? OMG! I’ve seen parts of Kid’s house via cam and I was only scared by the ashtrays. :)

Oh, google Craig Townsend and read his stuff. I swear, he says what my mom would have if she had known how. :)

Freshly Puzzled

Okay, I’m inspired. I can run, I can bike, but swimming? Ack. I always manage to get water in my nose. But you inspire me. Did you ever find a hot pink running skirt?


I had to learn to swim to do my first tri, and I signed up for the race first, then got lessons. :)

I haven’t found one, but now I’m on a mission to find shocking pink arm warmers!


of course you are ‘alright’. You are far more than that – but mastering the things you “think” you should do often gets in the way.

The child used visualization all the time ( individually and team ) for her swimming – synchro and race .. I learned it for riding. It just works. And – I don’t want to know the why – I just want to use the tools to get me through those ‘what if’ moments.

You’ll be fabulous. This we know.


:) I dont have much to say today but I really liked this post made me cry.
dammit woman.


I’m a believer, too. Except I keep forgetting to do them now. But when my daughter was little I made up a song for her, and put all the traits I wanted for her into it. It was an affirmation song, with a kind of catchy tune so it was fun to sing.

Recently I got a message from her house mother. (she’s at boarding school.) She described many of the things she appreciates about her. She’s kind, fun, smart, brave, thoughtful, strong. Basically it was the list from her song. :)

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